Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Untitled(stars vs Galaxies)

Each morning
I take inventory
Of the pavements I chase
Account for each bruise
Each scar
Each blackened eye
The corners are sharp
And not
for the faint hearted
The nights long
And very lonely
Comforted only
By the piercing
Of the morning sun
And the warmth it brings.

Friday, March 4, 2016


Some days I wonder
If you are with him
If he holds your hand
If you lay in his arm
If he makes you happy
Even for a second
If he hears your breathe
And his beating heart
Is in sync with yours
If he stares into your eyes
And sees magic
If your smile
Makes his knees weak
Some days I wonder
If he is now used to your beauty
Or each sunrise is the first time you meet
Some days I wonder
If he loves you
Half as much as I do
And if you love him
That much too.....

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Last time

I said it was the last time
The last time
When your lips
Bruised my ego
And i pretended
It didnt hurt that much
Acted like i could swallow it
Like pride
So we can move past
This point
Untill it happened again

I said it was the last time
The last time
When your tears
Attempted to cleanse
My assumed infedility
And your so-called instincts
Played judge,jury
And exectioner
Because there is no smoke
Without fire
But these were the remains
Of a burning soul

I said it was the last time
The last time
I saw a heart burn
In the hand of another
Fueled by egos
That refused to extinguish
Standing on a soap box
With the words 'Im Right'
Branded on the side

I said it was the last time
The last time
The last time was
Last time
I have had too many 'Last times'
Where i have promised
Its the last time
But i promise
This time

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Like Leaves

She put her legs
Around my waist
Her hands around my neck
Her mind entangled my heart
Her heart commands my pen

I fell for her like
Leaves fall for autumn
And kneel at her feet
To welcome winter
Her breath,the wind
That blows off the leaves

Love Peace and Happyness Les-T

Friday, May 1, 2015

2quarters of a moon

It wasnt half
But it wasn't full either
It seemed like it was moving
But not going anywhere
We talked about everything
And about nothing
The fluttering wings of butterflies
Muffled only by our heart beats
Falling never felt so easy
Under two quarters of a moon....

Friday, March 20, 2015


Raindrops on the windscreen
As words muffled by kisses
The sound they make,
The theme song to our feelings
And with each sigh
The rain intensified
Fueled by our passion
As we sat
Listening to songs
we have made love to....

Love, Peace and Happyness


Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Nothing was sacred
Not the hugs
Not the kisses
Nor the words
Said before falling asleep
Emotions were casualities
Of an Ego battle
And we learned the hard way
That love is not bulletproof
And we should tread softly
Hearts, innocent bystanders...
And this bed we made
In blood,thorns and tears
We eventually have to lie in

Love Peace and Happyness Les-T

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


She told me she was a virgin
She had never heard poetry before
So I put on my best suit
And laid rose petals on the floor
Held her by the hand
And told her dont be scared
It might hurt in the beginning
But thats just normal
Don't rush, take your time
Or you'll just ruin it
The trick is to listen with your heart
And let it move you
Hear each syllable
In the rhythm of your heart beat
Like each word was written
Just for you
Exhale only after each sentence
Inhale at the beginning of the next
Breathe life into inspiration
And inspiration into life
Poetry isnt for the celibate
It can take your innocence
As quickly as it can return it

She told me she was a virgin
She had never heard poetry before
And wanted her first time
To be memorable
So I set up a candlelit dinner table
Had the moon and the stars as audience
As words did the moonwalk on the milkyway
I was but the vessel
Through which they spoke
Words too heavy for my lips to carry
Offered up to the wind
Sacrificial poems to the slaughter
To woo this maiden's heart
A courtship to last a life time
A beautiful walk in the park
That sometimes turns to a storm
A performance once witnessed
You can never be the same again
Poetry is beautiful
And unforgiving

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

When Prayer Isn't enough

When faith isn't enough
They turn to
Sleight of hand gimmicks
To grab your attention
Jedi mind tricks
To keep your affection
While you pray
Their hands are deep
In your pockets

Keeping you hostage
With threats of
Eternal burning infernos
And promises of prosperity
That lie at the end of the rainbow
Exploiting your need to believe
Your priceless search for meaning
Reduced to 10% of your paycheck
While these so-called prophets
Are knee-deep in blood,sweat and tears money
Prayers on the back of bank notes
Broken backs
Held up by illusion
Smoke and mirror sermons
By prophets trying to be God
Misleading the ones trying to find God
So hungry for the truth
That they would eat up anything
That almost looks like it...

When Prayer isn't enough
They'll promise you riches
When all you are looking for
Is God

Monday, September 22, 2014

Right through me

After each
Momentary stare
Each second
That seems to last
Longer than it actually is
         Through me...